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Art Filler Volume with Lidocaine 2x1.2ml

Art Filler Volume with Lidocaine 2x1.2ml

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Fillmed Art Filler Volume provides treatment solutions tailored precisely to the needs of volume enhancement in the lip area. This non-animal hyaluronic acid gel provides a quick, long-lasting and beautiful correction of the lip skin. Moderate and already deep wrinkles in the lip area can already be smoothed with one treatment. However, the properties of Fillmed Art Filler Volume not only smooth wrinkles, but also enable the targeted filling of lost lip volume. In this way, contours can be restored and significant volume gains can also be achieved that look natural. The gel implants have a soft and particularly smooth texture and can be evenly distributed over the desired area during treatment. Fillmed Art Filler Volume uses three milligrams of lidocaine in addition to the hyaluronic acid gel. This means that there is no pain or unpleasant sensations in the sensitive lip area during treatment. 


  • Lips
  • Marionette wrinkles
  • Mentolabial folds
  • Mouth area


ART FILLER® is an exclusive collection of hyaluronic acid-based fillers with Lidocaine, designed to smooth superficial to deep wrinkles, plump up the lips and restore volume and contours to the face.



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