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Juvederm Hydrate (1x1ml)

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Juvederm® Hydrate is a treatment specifically designed to improve skin hydration and elasticity. The result is a more refreshed appearance and a natural, healthy glow. Juvederm® Hydrate is an effective solution specifically formulated to restore the skin's level of hyaluronic acid and to improve the elasticity and tone of the skin. Injections are administered 1-2 cm apart, allowing the gel to flow evenly into the skin.


The pack consists of:

1 x 1ml syringe 
0.9 % mannitol

Benefits of Juvederm® Hydrate:

Improve the hydration and elasticity of the skin 
Area: Skin of face, neck and décolleté, hands

How long does the result last for?

In general, results can last up to three months. The duration of the result may be longer or shorter depending on factors such as age, physiology, and lifestyle.