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Xeomin 100u (English/Korean)

Xeomin 100u (English/Korean)

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Xeomin acts selectively on peripheral cholinergic nerve endings, inhibiting the release of acetylcholine. The introduction into cholinergic nerve endings occurs in 3 stages:

  • binding of the molecule to the external components of the membrane;
  • internalization of the toxin by endocytosis;
  • and translocation of the endopeptidase domain of the toxin from the endosome into the cytosol.

In the cytosol, the endopeptidase domain of the toxin molecule selectively cleaves SNAP-25, an important protein component of the mechanism that controls the membrane movement of exo-vesicles, thus stopping the release of acetylcholine. The end effect is the relaxation of the injected muscle.

The effect of the toxin begins, on average, within 4-7 days after injection and usually lasts for 3-4 months. Although it may last much longer or less, depending on the individual organism’s ability for self-renovation.

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